Frequently asked questions

Assistance or queries about booking

Whether you want to enjoy the holidays with your family, friends, or loved ones, call our free customer support team at 02037908383. They are always available for your assistance. 

You can send an inquiry or request a callback option online. 

If you have seen any special offers and discounts on any social media platforms or websites, then send an inquiry on the website assistance portal or call 02037908383. Our experts are active and ready to offer you a great package at your dream places. 

We are not limited; we sell packages, ready tours, or holiday packages that perfectly fit your dream destination. 

For the latest information and clarification, inquire or call 02037908383. Travel agents and experts are available to assist you. 

Yes, we have spacious offers and exclusives for magnificent cruises around the globe. If you are getting into trouble, find the special offers on our offer page. Then contact us at 02037908383, and we may be able to suggest another package that is currently in demand. 

You can inquire or call us on WhatsApp. 

Entrance obligations Passport and booking details

Passport details are required for holiday trips and at check-in. If there is any policy change, our customer support team will contact you for further guidance. 

Suppose this happens to you or causes trouble on your trip. Our experts will assist you or give you other possible suggestions. 

It all depends on your provision, and you may require it after confirming the booking for the recovery of canceled, diminution, interference, clinical aid, and safety of affluence. We have a wide range of policies and protections, including recovery of tickets, flight cancellation, cutback systems, etc. By clicking on this link, you will get more information. 

If you require any information, such as visa necessities, inquire at the Travelley Uk website, email Info@travelley.co.uk, or contact us on WhatsApp for further technicalities. However, holding a visa or any other passport for travel is mandatory. 


Yes, we offer! The sales agent who is booking you will guide you through it. And can make it depending on your ease or demand. 

You can clear your payment by sending it through American Express. The sales agent who is in touch with you provides you with bank details and assists you wherever needed. If you want to send it via mobile, contact 02037908383. You do this during office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 10 pm. 

On the bottom line of the Travelley UK website, a personalized payment plan is written for the itinerary. It indulges in dates and ways of clearance. For further queries or questions, contact 02037908383 during office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 10 pm. 

No, we only prefer to use American Express. If there is an exceptional situation, then contact us at 02037908383. Our finance team will contact you shortly and resolve your problems. 

If you are having difficulty with clearance, there is no need to be stuck. Call 02037908383, and a finance team member will give you the best options. 


Email Info@travelley.co.uk with a booking reference, and an expert will contact you as soon as possible for further discussions. 

Alteration and elimination

What if you have changed your mind and want to alter your booking? We have a substitute for it. Email Info@travelley.co.uk with the booking number, and one of the experienced members will contact you to resolve your problem. 

Kindly note that we alter the bookings of those who remain updated with their payments. 


Suppose you want to revoke your reservations for several reasons. I would appreciate it if you contacted the sales agents, who could help you out further.

Email: Info@travelley.co.uk

Telephone: 02037908383

Perfectly! Our expert team is ready to make your tour more exceptional. If you want to amend your excursion, it would be better to contact us at 02037908383 or Info@travelley.co.uk so that we can check the availability of your desired reservation.

To cancel your prior booking, kindly contact our efficient team, who will assist you through email: Info@travelley.co.uk

Boarding documentation

We provide you with a code for an e-ticket within 15 to 20 days, and you can check it through the airline official website or at check-in. We will book your tickets after successful payment submission. All information will reach you before your departure.

You will get your travel documents within 24 hours. These boarding papers include flight information, resort features, fun and entertainment program details, and transport details. 

Ø Suppose a few parts of my information are incorrect in my travel papers. How do I fix it? 


If you find something wrong or an error in your tour papers, contact the customer support team to get it solved as soon as possible. 

If you need to move out and don't have your tour papers, let us know and allow us to work on it. Try to check the spam or junk folders. 

General concerns about your flights

On international flights, the maximum allowed weight is 30 kg. However, it also depends on the airline and the travel location. The sales agents let you know while you were booking your airline. However, it doesn’t mesh domestic airlines with international airlines. They have a big difference in their allowance. 

A range of airlines go straight to the destination. However, you can check your flight stopover directly on the airline website.

Yes! You can reserve a specific seat on the airplane and also make a particular request to the airline when checking in for your booked ticket. For further assistance, email Info@travelley.co.uk

Directly contact one of the members of the energetic team. They will aid you in a better way. 

The airline companies share their flight schedules in advance. Therefore, if you booked your flights many days ago, you are not sure about the exact time. The sales agent will let you know the scheduled timing for your flight at the time of booking. It will also mention in your travel documents. After the flights are published, our agents reserve the flights that match your timing. Our experienced agents will remain in touch with you for further guidance. 

Transportation - Ask about transfers

If you have incorporated your conveyance in your package, it includes

transportation details. It also mentions where your pick-up and drop-off points are and gives information about the resort. Inquire with us if you have any queries. 

As it is mainstream that the flight timing is updated every day by Aboriginal runners. The facts are the weather of your destination, Male airport details, and the island where you are getting off. 

When the time comes to leave for the resort, their staff will let you know the time for the airport, etc. If, for instance, there is a problem with the flight because of weather, it may shift via a domestic flight, but these happen in rare cases. Still, if you have any other questions, contact 020379908383 or email; Info@travelley.co.uk

For any queries regarding the transfer, any available member of the sales agent team would be happy to assist you through email; Info@travelley.co.uk

Resorts and lodging - Interrogation respecting

Detailed information about your resort and interrogation is in the tour paper you receive after booking. Feel free to contact us with regards to any queries. 

If you have any trouble with your room or flight, without hesitation, contact us by email; Info@travelley.co.uk

Monday through Friday, office hours are 8 am to 10 pm. The office remains closed only on Sundays. 

I have decided to add more nights, so let yourself be free from hesitation, contact our web portal sales team. Email them at Info@travelley.co.uk so that they can serve you. 

Yes, you can check in later, but earlier may be subject to availability. For further queries, contact our customer support team by emailing; Info@travelley.co.uk

Assistance for the resort

In case of any delay, let us know to inform those who are making your forward.

travel orderly. It is good to let us know as early as possible. To get a

solution to further queries, ask through Info@travelley.co.uk

We remain active in case of any emergency, and we serve you in the best possible way. You have to contact the 24/7 emergency number to get a resolution using the following methods:


Email: Info@travelley.co.uk


Call: 02037908383

Although it is unusual to require our aid during holidays. Anyhow, you can contact Info@travelley.co.uk and call 02037908383. 


We have added an emergency contact number at each destination in your tour papers. During your whole trip, whether doing activities, fun, or sports. You can find their number in your travel documents. 

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